Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

Greetings: God bless you this day!

Only one life to live, so live it well,
And keep the candles trimmed and bright.
Eternity, not time, will tell
The radius of the candle's light.
(Miller-Our Daily Bread)

All flesh is like grass and its  loveliness is like a flower
of the field.  The grass withers and the flowers fall.
Isaiah 40:6-7

Every day is special... live each day well!

Know I prayed for you today. Blessings-Freda

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning Freda! It's raining like crazy here, so it feels like a day to sleep! But your words help me to realize there is plenty I can do, and shouldn't waste this God-given time.

    Hope you are having a great day :)