Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Forgotten Heros

Memorial Day we honor the Fallen Heroes.
Today, Veteran's Day, we honor the Forgotten Heroes.

They return from every war
Thanking God to be alive.
They meld into society,
Feeling blessed to have survived.

Some, with daily nightmares
And memories hard to bear,
Some, with physical reminders,
Of limbs no longer there.

Some, with great hopes for the future,
Discover jobs are hard to find
And feel that this country
Is neither loyal or kind.

Some of them return,
To be confined to bed or chair
And never have a visitor
To offer comfort or a word of cheer.

They are the forgotten heroes,
Who answered this nation's call,
Our brave, American Veterans...
Who are willing to give their all.
Freda Fullerton, 11-11-2009

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