Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Honor Of Bonnie:

For those who do not know Bonnie Leese, she was a member of Sunny Hills Church.
A teacher of our Ladies Bible Class for many years. She was a faithful friend-mentor
and prayer warrior. She lost her battle with cancer, but one a victory in God.
Below is a poem in memory of Bonnie.

Bonnie's pain is gone
Her trials ceased.
She has gone home,
Her soul released.

To be with those
Who've gone before,
To live with God

She has touched the live
Of so many here,
Made sweet memories
That we all hold dear.

So, Bonnie hasn't
Gone away you see...
Her presence here
Will always be...

A shining light
To light the way,
For those she's left
Behind today.
Freda Fullerton: February 2,2010

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