Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20

Greetings: God bless you this Lord's Day!
Today's poem on my poetry blog:
"A Sunday Kind Of Christian."

We struggle with the material things of life.
We struggle with house, family and lands.
These things Jesus said we would receive
with persecution, but that we would receive
eternal life in the age to come. That's like
telling me that I would be in pain for five
minutes, but for the next 100 years I would
be in absolute bliss. We sometimes view the
first five minutes of pain as "everything" when
in spiritual truth, it is minor.
(Pat Earl-Christian Voices)

The man that's left all shall receive a hundredfold
now in this time, houses, brothers, sisters and mothers
and children and lands, with persecution; and in the
world to come eternal life. Mark 10:29

Words doesn't help much when we struggle with pain,
however, in comparison to eternity... this too shall pass!

Know I prayed for you today. Blessings-Freda

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