Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11

Greetings: God bless you this day!

Jesus healed the lame, crippled, blind and mute that followed Him around
the lake and up the mountain, great crowds came with Him. They never
gave up. Picture this same scene in your town, in your neighborhood.
Place yourself at the scene. Watch the people walk by as they avoid them or
stare at them. What is the difference in the two scenes? Jesus is the difference.
His compassion should be ours!( Jess Peterson-Power for Today)

I have compassion on these people; they have already been here three days and
they have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may
collapse on the way. Matthew 15:32

What do you see, when you see a homeless person on the street? I must confess
I've been one of those that looked the other way and I've been one of those that
have offered food, not money. I  always feel better when I offer the help than when
I look the other way!

Know I prayed for you today. Blessings-Freda

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