Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12

Greetings: God bless you this day!

Easter approaches-a time when people celebrate Jesus' death, burial
and resurrection.
Dwelling on spring flowers. colored eggs and Easter bunnies may seem
sacrilegious to some, while others find it hard to focus on the spiritual.
Mary and Martha are good examples. Mary was commended for listening
to Jesus and Martha was upset because she needed help with the meal.
A lot was happening. It was Passover season, their brother's funeral and
the threats on the life of Jesus. But Jesus directed their attention to Him as
the resurrection of life and raised their brother Lazarus from the dead.
So remember the Point: As in Christmas, Jesus is the "reason for the season"
(Vantage Point Devotional)

I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me will never die.
John 11:25

A wonderful season of hope and promise!

Know I prayed for you today. Blessings-Freda

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